In case you need help with just one part of your business, Heptagon Square can help too.
We offer a variety of different services ranging from digital sales to copywriting and from videography to the creation of pitch and sales decks. Have a look below!

Social Media

Today, every company needs an online presence. Heptagon Square can help run, monitor and grow your social media followings as well as sales.

Search Engine Optimization

The first clients thing clients use when they’re looking for a partner, is Google. By being one of the top ranked companies for certain search terms you’ll be able to receive new leads.


Every business and entrepreneur needs an effective pitch. Whether you’re looking to convince investors or convert more prospects we can help develop your pitch and slides!


In an online world every company needs to be able to update and reach out to their clients and prospects. Heptagon Square will help you develop automated newsletters geared towards your wishes. Check our services below.

Content creation

Every company that is present online needs content. Our Marketing team will help create pictures, videos and blog articles.

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