Who we are

We validate, launch and manage your products.
Through our team of experts we believe that we are able to provide you with the best care that any entrepreneur, founder, company or MNE might need.

Brend Kouwenhoven

Founding Partner – Business

Seroj de Graaf

Founding Partner – Design

Randy Bouman

Founding Partner – Digital

Marijn Booman

Founding Partner – Operations

Our Services

We provide a wide array of services that help your company launch.

Digital & Automation

Digital & Automation

Heptagon Square aids your company to move into the digital age. We provide the tools to get your products discovered on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Amazon, using automation, data and our know-how.

Through this, we make sure that your product will resonate with the right audience before spending 100,000’s of euros on the wrong fit.

Design & Manufacturing

Design & Manufacturing

We are able to support companies with design, product features, product pricing (and product sourcing) and product fit. 

Through our contacts in Shenzhen but also here in Europe we are able to provide you with everything you need to get your idea designed, manufactured into a prototype, certified and produced in mass. 

Business Strategy & Development

Business Strategy & Development

Through the experience of each of our founding team members, we are able to create tailor-made strategies for Kickstarter campaigns, digital campaigns and/or direct sales campaigns. 

We combine strategies around CPA based marketing, Partnerships, PR, Online marketing and tracking to get the best combination for your specific product. 

Branding & Communication

Branding & Communication

We help you to put your ideas on paper, through storyboarding, sampling materials and creating prototypes. 

Along with this with the use of data gathered by (feeling the waters) campaigns we look at how to position your branding related to your audience. 



With all members of our founding team having worked in quick growing companies that either were sold, IPO’d or are running independently we understand how important it is to manage everything to the last detail. 

We provide weekly reporting, work with you procurement teams to manage cash flow and make sure that all activities are transparent through working closely with you or creating dashboards that allow you to track spending/marketing/shipping in real time. 

Distribution & Fulfilment

Distribution & Fulfilment

Everything from making sure that SKU’s are being managed, FAQ’s are being answered to, customer support (European hours), sourcing, surveying and shipping your products from factory to the front door of your customers. 

How a typical project might look like



Before we start any campaign we want to make sure that your money is being spend on what matters. Instead of spending 1000’s of dollars on marketing budgets, designs we look try to test and tweak your product and the marketing that goes around it. Once we see that we are able to reach the right CPA’s we move forward to our second stage the campaign stage



The Campaign stage is the stage where we feel ready to launch your company/product into the wide world. Through our validation process, we are able to start marketing and create content that resonates with the right audience. Further we start to build a team instead of paying big bucks right from the start go. With our connections to the right schools in Holland we are able to bring a team of young ambitious people together that will carry your product further. 



We make sure that all questions are being answered, your SKU’s being managed, and shipping and packing being fulfilled.  Throughout this we are able to build on top of our expertise of having shipped products around the world, knowing which countries you might have to pay higher taxes and which countries might need other paperwork. 

We are here to support your need from the design stages to delivering the product to your customer’s doorstep. 

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