What we do

Product innovation in the Netherlands has always been driven by minimalism and practical thinking leading to some of the largest discoveries over the last 4 centuries shaping todays modern world. We strive for continuation of this trend as we create a unique ways to establish your brand through execution and strategy.

Heptagon Square aims to build a portfolio of strong brands and successful products. Created by and in collaboration with partners, contributing by bringing knowledge and expertise to the table. Connecting inventors, designers, manufacturers, brands, businesses and entrepreneurs we strive to always improve the lives of people, by creating innovative and high-quality products.


How we do it

We support in the planning and execution of building meaningful businesses.  We have developed a unique program to combine our entrepreneurial experience and skills in marketing, brand & product design, sourcing and manufacturing, sales, operations and fulfillment. We strive to create strong brands, quality products and maximize impact on our launches. These campaigns are the flying start for a new venture, corporate start-up, or a scale-ups next stage.

Or can we say that we can be your partner in building a meaningful business?

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Making a positive impact on our daily lives at home, work or travelling by strong brands, quality products.

In the coming 10 years 85% of humankind living in emerging markets. A new middle class and also a fast greying society demands new types of products that appeal to a group of consumers that are more conscious of their impact, while looking for meaning at the same time.

The world is becoming more volatile, virtual and polluted. By todays increased automation in our daily life and work people are more and more searching for meaning. Creative and personal ways to create and communicate will become even more important.

At the same time there is a growing awareness of our impact on the planet. Like never before we are facing challenges such as climate change, conflicts, and pollution of our environment which impacts the quality of our air, water and food.

By creating brands that resonate to people and designing products that appeal to the eye, feel trustworthy and abate our frustrations we can connect and serve millions of people around the globe.

Heptagon Square believes in quality design products and brands as tangible beacons in an ever-changing world. This to serve our practical and emotional needs. Products that are meaningful, yet practical, sustainable and beautiful at the same time.

By this Heptagon Square aims to make a positive impact on our daily lives at home, work or traveling.